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Welcome to Belle Grace Shilohs.

Located in Pleasant View, Pennsylvania, we are breeding original Shiloh Shepherds for beauty, elegance, sound body and temperament.

Specializing in both plush and smooth coated puppies from extensively health tested champion lines, our babies are home raised with love, properly socialized, vet checked, temperament tested, and come with a written guarantee. A quality companion for your family is our goal.

Come on in, take a look around and meet our wonderful furry family.


Tribute to Foxy:

A Dog For Jesus
I wish someone had given Jesus a dog As loyal and loving as mine To sleep by His manger and gaze in His eyes And adore Him for being divine. As our Lord grew to manhood His faithful dog Would have followed Him all through the day While He preached to the crowds and made the sick well And knelt in the garden to pray. It is sad to remember that Christ went away To face death alone and apart With no tender dog following close behind To comfort its Master's Heart. And when Jesus rose on that Easter morn How happy He would have been As His dog kissed His hands and barked its delight For The One who died for all men. Well, the Lord has a dog now, I just sent Him mine My Foxy so dear to me And I smile through my tears on this first day alone Knowing they're in eternity. Day after day, the whole day through Wherever my road inclined Four feet said, "I am coming with you!" and trotted along behind. ~Rudyard Kipling [read more]

Dawn Swick :: Pleasant View, Pennsylvania :: 412-999-3920

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