About Us

alliewinsWelcome to BelleGrace Shilohs. We are dedicated to breeding only the Original Shiloh Shepherd. BelleGrace Shilohs was established in 2000, when we purchased our first Shiloh from New Zion Shilohs of New York. Her name was Vickey and she was three years old. Unfortunately, Vickey was diagnosed by OFA with moderate hip dysplasia. Allie soon followed as a replacement for Vickey, and a passionate love for this breed was born.

We are located in southwestern PA, in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains northeast of Pittsburgh PA. Our property is surrounded by acres of woods, which lends itself nicely for long walks, and off lead training.

BelleGrace Shilohs is very proud of our breeding program. Our breeding stock are authentic Shilohs, and were originally registered with the ISSR until 2006, when we chose to change registry affiliations due to disputes of ethical breeding practices.

We are now proud to be celebrating our SIXTEENTH year involved with this wonderful breed!

We breed for beauty, elegance, sound body and temperament. All of our dogs are health certified and we are happy to produce verifiable documentation. We are the home to many National Selects and Champions. Allie reached Grand Victrix status two years in a row before her unfortunate and unexpected death at the age of three. Foxy attained National Select status, taking the show ring by storm. Our two foundation bitches, Allie and Foxy, have passed to the Rainbow bridge, but their progeny continue the fine qualities that make the “Shiloh Shepherd”.

Our dogs are raised in our home with us and are part of our family. If we are not home, our dogs are not out. We are considered hobby breeders, one who has the best interest of the breed at heart. Each breeding is carefully researched. We do not breed just to produce puppies, and our income is not dependent on puppy sales.

We follow very strict breeding guidelines. Our goal is to produce a healthy Shiloh that comes as close to the breed standard as possible, as well as being stable in temperament. Health and temperament are first and foremost in our priorities with size following a close third. All of our puppies are home raised with love, and are health certified by our vet before leaving with a guarantee.

We encourage a close relationship with our puppy customers, asking that everyone stay in touch and send picture updates. We also offer a connection through Facebook as a way of continued support.

Our dogs always welcome visitors and are extremely friendly to invited guests. Come see Allie and Foxy’s legacy. Please feel free to contact us and arrange for a visit.

BelleGrace Shilohs ~ Breeding Better Shepherds