Dawn Swick

NS bCH Zion's Foxy Wildthing, CGC, ROM aka Foxy
March 11, 2000 - March 7, 2010 | Red-Brown Sable Plush | retired

sire: Zion's Walker-Texas Ranger | dam: Zion's Echo of Golden Splendor

Foxy is a gorgeous double MAW, red-brown sable. She came to BelleGrace as a kennel dog, spending her first 2 1/2 years at New Zion. She instantly housetrained, and so loves being a house dog. She is my constant companion, the dog that follows you everywhere and lays at your feet. Foxy only wants to make everyone happy and would never dream of doing anything wrong.

When she first arrived, she had never been leash trained, but within 6 weeks, she was ready to go into the show ring. She championed in a 6 show weekend, and continued her winning ways to acheive a National Select status in 2003. She has produced a beautiful litter of pups in 2004, and we are hopeful she can do it again in 2006. Then she will be retired, spayed and will live the rest of her years here as my best buddy.


Murrysville PA

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