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b. December 31, 2005 | first pictures | more info

Woton | Lexi

BelleGrace Sir Woton of Dawswick aka Woton

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sire: bCh. jrCh Zion’s King Toran of BelleGrace, TT, CGC, & TDI aka Tor
dam: Suka's Copper Topaz of Zion aka Topaz


Woton To The Rescue:

Dear Dawn, I am writing this letter to let you know how much I appreciate getting Woton from you. Not only is he the most intuitive and intelligent dog we have ever owned, he is also very loyal. I am going to tell you about an incident that happened about 2 months ago, when Woton was 7 months old.

My husband was out of town at our home up North, and it being a beautiful Summer day, I took advantage of taking a short nap with all the doors open, however the screens were closed and locked. Not too much later, I heard a knock at the front door (strange only because we live in kind of a remote area and I was not expecting company). I went and stood in the hallway and peeked around and saw two rumpled looking mid-20 year olds standing on the porch. Woton laid in the hall quietly and watched me as I asked them what they wanted. One of them replied after a short hesitation "we are selling magazines". Right away I thought "On a Saturday evening at 6:30 in the evening?" I was uneasy in an instant as this did not sound right. All of a sudden I heard the door knob on my screen door being tested. My stomach dropped in fear.

Now while all of this was transpiring, Woton took it all in like a gentleman. However, when he heard the knob on that door click, that was it. I do not know if he sensed my fear or knew himself that something was just not right. My 78 pound baby instantly launched himself through a three foot baby gate, making a sound like a prehistoric animal, and charged the front door, tail high and at a dead run. I do not think the two young men at the door knew what was coming at them, however, by the time Woton trotted back to me and I got to the door, there was no sign of them.

And so I thank you, Dawn, for I don't like to think about what may of happened if I did not have Woton. We live in such a mixed up World right now I am comforted knowing that someone is still putting brave, intelligent dogs on this Earth. I would not trade this dog for any amount of money. That single act of loyalty told me exactly what he is made of and I think about this incident often. I just thought you might want to know how much we appreciate him.

Thanks again, Rick & Rhonda Tazelaar


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