Getting a puppy is a decision that should not be taken lightly. You are committing yourself to be a dog's protector for the rest of his/her life. Be prepared for considerable financial and time expense beyond the initial investment. If you are willing to make that commitment, please continue. If you are looking for a casual pet that is kenneled or tied out all day, then you will need to look elsewhere. Healthy dogs still need go to a vet for regular immunizations and parasite preventative. Stable temperaments are created because their owners spend time building a relationship by socializing and training them. Seriously consider if you can provide this kind of home before you decide to invest in a dog.

We are committed to you and your new puppy. The best thing for you, for us, and for your puppy is for you to be happy with your dog. We go to great lengths to make sure our puppies are properly placed into appropriate homes. We want you to know up front what you are getting into. Please read the following polices carefully. Think about it. If getting a Shiloh from BelleGrace is something you are interested in, let us know.

Pricing: The cost for one of our puppies is $1650 for companion quality and $2150 for breed quality.

The Process of Getting Your Puppy: Read our policies and expectations. Think it over then contact us

Puppy Application: Please fill out our online Puppy Application. This will help us match the right puppy with the right owner. We would appreciate talking with you, so we can get to know you and your expectations. If we both agree that a Shiloh from BelleGrace is right for you, we can move on to the next step.

Deposit: A deposit of $400 will secure your place on a list to receive a puppy. The remainder of the purchase price is due when you pick up your puppy at eight weeks of age. We accept deposits after we have a confirmed breeding. Deposits are non refundable unless a puppy is not available for you (ie: gender, coat type) or if we think that we might not be placing the right puppy in your home.

Prepare: Our advice is to baby proof your house. Plan where your puppy will spend his/her time when you are not there. We highly suggest crate training, but remember, an 8 week old puppy cannot spend 8 hours locked into a crate. Arrange for a puppy sitter if needed. Plan when and how your puppy will get regular exercise. Get an XL crate with a divider that you can section off when they are small. Get an undercoat rake, slicker brush, nail clippers, leashes and a good book on dog training. Decide on which veterinarian and what obedience classes you plan on taking your new puppy to. Puppy kindergarten is a must!

Stay in touch/Watch our Puppy Page: Feel free to ask questions. We look forward to this time of getting to know you and what you are looking for in a puppy. We will post pictures of the puppies on our site. Watch them as they grow. Remember that pictures are cute, but the litter evaluation is the final determining factor on which puppy is right for you.

Veterinary Visit: Your puppy will visit our veterinarian and receive an examination. He will also receive routine deworming and his first round of vaccinations. You will receive a copy with your puppy.

Litter Evaluation: The Litter Evaluation Report (LER) will be conducted by a well qualified evaluator when the puppy is between seven and eight weeks old. It will evaluate each puppy's temperament, drive, and general confirmation.

Choosing Your Puppy: We pick your puppy for you. Our decision is based on temperament, confirmation, your preferences, and (to be fair) the order in which deposits were received. I will contact you after the LER to let you know which puppy will be the new addition to your family. We do reserve the right to return a buyer's deposit and cancel the sale of a puppy in the rare occasion we feel that a particular puppy would not be a good fit for a home or if we decide to keep the puppy.

Picking Up Your Puppy: At eight weeks your puppy will be ready for his/her "forever home." You will receive with your puppy: vet certification, health records, puppy food, a written guarantee, and a lifetime of support. We look forward to meeting with you. We would prefer for you to pick up your puppy in person, but we understand distance can be a major issue so shipping by air is also available at an additional cost.

Obedience and Socialization: Obedience and socialization are a must with all dogs, but especially with a Shiloh Shepherd who in many cases will grow to be over 100 pounds. They also have a natural (well-balanced) protective instinct that can be lost without social interaction. Once vaccinated, expose them to as many positive experiences with people, other dogs and small animals as possible. Enroll in an obedience or puppy class.

Health Testing: It is crucial for the development of this rare breed that I know what kind of Shilohs I, as a breeder, am producing. Therefore, we ask everyone who gets a puppy from us to have their Shiloh's hips evaluated by Penn Hip by 24 months of age.

Stay in Contact: We would like to hear from you about your puppy and have continuous updates into adulthood. Give us details and pictures. We would be happy to post them on our site.

Health Guarantee: We guarantee our puppies against life threatening congenital defects (apparent by 24 months). > We also guarantee our puppies against hip dysplasia (rated Pennhip: .6 or greater, apparent by the age of 24 months). If your puppy is found to have any of these problems, we will replace your puppy with one from another litter. No cash will be refunded. In any case, when a puppy does not meet the expectations of the health guarantee, we retain the right to have a second veterinarian's opinion. In some cases, we will insist that the puppy be returned to us.

Purchase Agreement: You will be asked to sign the purchase agreement before you purchase a puppy from BelleGrace Shiloh Shepherds.

Pet/Companion Spay and Neuter Agreement: Pet/Companion Spay and Neuter Agreement: Breeding your Shiloh carries a great deal of responsibility. Most people are not interested in breeding. Please have the puppy spayed or neutered by 18 months of age, or at the time of his or her hip X-rays.

Show/Breed Breeders Agreement: Show/Breed Breeders Agreement: All our show/breed/upgradeable candidate puppies are sold with temporary puppy papers as "upgrade possible." After the puppy comes of age, has met or exceeded our registry's rules for permanent adult registration, and it is decided that this dog would be a good candidate for breeding, I will sign to upgrade your dog's papers to Adult Show/Breed. When you sign your puppy's contract as upgradeable/breeding/show quality, you agree to the following terms of the contract:

  • Males: If your male is upgraded to Adult Show or Breed, BelleGrace Shilohs retains the right to use him for stud service a total of 3 times without charge.
  • Females: If your female is upgraded to Adult Show or Breed, BelleGrace Shilohs will receive three puppies back from her first litter (First, third and "to be decided" pick).

updated February 2016