Dawn Swick

Zion's Reaps It All
September 14, 2000 - July 16, 2013
Black/Tan Smooth | Retired

sire: Zion's the Mark of Zorro | dam: Moriah-Zion Indypen-Dance Dawn
breeder: New Zion Shilohs

Ria was born and raised as a kennel dog at New Zion Shilohs NY. As she was my beloved Allie's sister, when she became available on a co-own at the age of four, we were asked if we could find room in our home and hearts for her. Ria produced only one co-owned litter for us here at BelleGrace before being spayed. No health data on Ria was supplied to us from New Zion. She is now enjoying retirement, sharing our home with us.

A Tribute to Ria:

She was an extraordinary girl, first in that she was Allie's sister. But also because of her quiet strength, unconditional love and intuitive nature. She was always there for me since her sister died at such a young age, and she has given me the support to keep moving forward. Today, with a heavy heart, I said goodbye to my sweet Ria. She was loved by all who met her, and I was honored to have shared her life. She came to me at the age of 4 years, a kennel dog from New Zion living out in the elements. Never again did she see the inside of a kennel, but enjoyed a heated and A/C'd house and all that went with it. She survived pyometria, torsion, two cancerous mammary tumors, and the ingestion of a spoon.....YES, a spoon!

Coming as a New Zion kennel dog, she was always one who ate with gusto! The past few weeks, I knew the time was getting closer, and this morning when she refused her food I knew. God Speed Ria! Wait for me at the bridge with all the rest of my furbabies and give Dad a big hug for me! I will always love you!


Murrysville PA

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