pawbellegrace's shebaMy wife and I have been somewhat overprotective of the kids and our policy was to hold off on the Internet until our daughter, the oldest at 11 years, was of an age where the research capabilities offered by the Internet could no longer be ignored. Luckily, my wife is a stay-at-home Mom and can monitor what goes on.

Anyway, within the very first hour of our daughter's Internet home premiere, she hooked up with your Web Site, yesterday. This week, I will load up some of her pictures of Sheba and send them to you, since we finally have the capabilities, and she can take over the duties of keeping you up to date.

Sheba has been doing absolutely fantastic in health and spirit. Dawn, I truly could not find the words to describe the void (which we obviously did not even realize we had) in our lives which was abundantly filled by Sheba. Only another Shiloh family could understand without those descriptive words as they do not exist; all being inadequate. I know that you know what I mean.

We have owned many different breeds of dogs, with my beloved black chow of about 20 years ago, possessing a deep soul behind her eyes, which I had sought after ever since, and could not find until we miraculously met up with you and, after having time to observe behaviors, you agreed with our choice, that Sheba would be of the best temperment to get along in our family, which consisted of a small Hairless Chinese Crescent and 5 cats. We take Sheba with us whenever at all possible, even when it is time to pick up our Kindergartener at his bus stop, at the entrance to our development. Sheba knows when it is 11:45 AM, the time to pick him up and alerts Diane of this every school day She gets along fabulously with all animals, has shown no aggression what so ever, with respect to food or territory. Sheba is a little jealous when Diane cuddles with another pet, and when that happens, Sheba vocalizes her protest.

This brings me to vocalizations, is Sheba typical of Shilohs with her constant vocalizations? She often makes sounds like a whale, but other times, speaks a hair shy of English, as does Scooby Doo. She answers questions and has absolutely no difficulty making us understand what it is that she wants, responding in a no mistaking affirmative way, if we answer her correctly. Her intelligence, soulfulness of her looking into your eyes, and clear affection and loyalty, her gifts to everyone, human or not, in our family. A few of our cats are inside-outside cats only in daylight, and at dusk, they need to come into the house. Sheba, will do the honors of rounding them up, if needed, at this time...and she is standing at attention, waiting to spring into action as needed.

As I said, Julie and I were leafing thru your web site and I absolutely fell in love, at first site, with Navy Boy's face. Whether or not it is demonstrative of desirable traits for the Shiloh breed...his darker mask surrounding his lighter eye surround is incredibly beautiful and I would love to adopt him, if still available. I would be honored, actually. Since Sheba (Bethsheba) would love a playmate, and the two of them would be an awesome pair, I could not name him other than Samson. I think that Bethsheba and Samson would be fittingly royal names.....don't you?

Bob and Diane

pawbellegrace's wotonWoton To The Rescue: "Dear Dawn, I am writing this letter to let you know how much I appreciate getting Woton from you. Not only is he the most intuitive and intelligent dog we have ever owned, he is also very loyal. I am going to tell you about an incident that happened about 2 months ago, when Woton was 7 months old.

My husband was out of town at our home up North, and it being a beautiful Summer day, I took advantage of taking a short nap with all the doors open, however the screens were closed and locked. Not too much later, I heard a knock at the front door (strange only because we live in kind of a remote area and I was not expecting company). I went and stood in the hallway and peeked around and saw two rumpled looking mid-20 year olds standing on the porch. Woton laid in the hall quietly and watched me as I asked them what they wanted. One of them replied after a short hesitation "we are selling magazines". Right away I thought "On a Saturday evening at 6:30 in the evening?" I was uneasy in an instant as this did not sound right. All of a sudden I heard the door knob on my screen door being tested. My stomach dropped in fear.

Now while all of this was transpiring, Woton took it all in like a gentleman. However, when he heard the knob on that door click, that was it. I do not know if he sensed my fear or knew himself that something was just not right. My 78 pound baby instantly launched himself through a three foot baby gate, making a sound like a prehistoric animal, and charged the front door, tail high and at a dead run. I do not think the two young men at the door knew what was coming at them, however, by the time Woton trotted back to me and I got to the door, there was no sign of them.

And so I thank you, Dawn, for I don't like to think about what may of happened if I did not have Woton. We live in such a mixed up World right now I am comforted knowing that someone is still putting brave, intelligent dogs on this Earth. I would not trade this dog for any amount of money. That single act of loyalty told me exactly what he is made of and I think about this incident often. I just thought you might want to know how much we appreciate him.

Thanks again, Rick & Rhonda Tazelaar"

pawbellegrace"Hi Mrs. Swick and Mrs. Halloran! It's Rachel. :) I just wanted to tell you what an exciting day Miah had yesterday. Last week at The Learning Center, a teacher asked us to bring Toby and Miah the following week to teach the kids about dog safety. Yesterday, we brought the dogs to the T.L.C. When we first went in, Miah was a little stressed, but then warmed up to all the commotion. I was sooooo proud of her when a little boy went over and petted her while she was on a down stay. She just looked at him and licked his hand. Throughout the entire day, people came up to her and some made her feel very cornered; but she stayed calm. I help out in 2 art classes in the morning, so I left her on a stay in the back of the class room. When I would walk away she would watch me like a hawk, making sure I wasn't going to leave her. The art teacher is a total animal lover. She was so thrilled about the dogs that she had the classes draw Toby. (Personally I think Toby could have a promising future as a model.

I just wanted to let you know that Miah did an awesome job. I wanted to thank you, Mrs. Swick for giving me Miah. I LOVE HER TO DEATH, and don't know what I would do without her. I also wanted to thank you, Mrs. Halloran, for teaching me how to train her and giving me all kinds of advice in order to make her a happier and more obedient dog.

Thanks again, and I hope we can get together soon. Rachel"

pawbellegrace"Rakia has the innocence and utter kindness of an angel. She loves all three of our kitties, even the tiny 3 pound kitten... they occasionally give her a nose bop, just to remind her which is the superior species (feline, to their minds) and she just gives them kisses in return. She adores our mini-poodle, Napoleon -- they go on walks, play ball, and wrestle on the floor with Dad together. Rakia is super loving with our family. She is ever-ready with kisses or hugs for all of us, and what big hugs! The thing I find most endearing about Rakia is that she is so sensitive. She rejoices in our happiness. She notices and comforts us if we are down or ill. She is not comfortable if one of our pets (or our son) is chastised for something done wrong... it’s almost as if she is saying “Mom, Napoleon didn’t mean to chew that, please don’t be mad at him!”

Rakia has had zero health problems. She is smart. Her beauty speaks for itself.

This girl is the best dog I have ever had, or could dream of having. I am so proud of her for all that she is." -Barb Smolarek

pawbellegrace"I just read Dawn's blog and saw that she updated her notes on Tory. Making the decision to cancel England so we could have Tory back in our lives was not a hard one. Tory is the love of my life...and life is even better now that she has had some training by the puppy master (Dawn). She recalls extremely well now (even better than Morgan) and shows me a level of respect that she has never done before. Lord knows I had a hard time out-thinking that brain and stubborness of hers. The time spent with Dawn's firm, but kind leadership is just what the Dr. ordered.

Tory is a very happy girl and has "belle" gracefully settled into life at home again. Dawn is right when she say's she is a big tease and loves those belly rubs. Tory does have a huge heart and all of us love her back with the same intensity. She has three acres to run around on and play with Morgan and the two are the best of friends.

Dawn, again, I can't thank you enough for what you have done for my family. I hope that some day I can even minutely make it up to you. " - Sincerely, Susan Provan and family

paw"I have to boast a little on Darby. Since it has been cooler and the insect population is more subdued, Darby and I have been hiking on our ranch. Up until recently, we always had her on a flexi-lead for her walks as we are in a very remote area and I was afraid she might run off and get lost. However, she's been getting so much more reliable with her recall, I decided to try taking her off lead. She's been doing very well. In fact, a few days ago, we were walking down a narrow hollow (called "holler" down here) and all of the sudden a deer burst out of the woods in front of us and took off down the holler with Darby, of course, in hot pursuit. I knew better than to try to call her in the heat of the chase, so I prayed she wouldn't get lost and waited a few moments till I was pretty sure the deer would have taken again to the woods. Lo and behold, when I called and whistled, Darby came bounding back to me, tongue lolling out of her mouth. I was frankly, surprised, and to say I was happy is a total understatement. She got a larger-than-usual chunk of her liver roll and lots of praise for that.

Then, to beat that--the other day I was in the house and I heard Darby bark. Something about her bark alerted me and I immediately went out and began to call. No Darby. But I heard another dog bark, too. Then I spotted Darby looking up toward me from the bottom of our driveway. When she spotted me, she started to come, hesitantly, so I encouraged her and whistled, and she came running to me. I was completely thrilled that she would leave another dog to come to me, but when I saw the other dog, I was even more surprised. It was my brother's dog and she and Darby love to play together. For Darby to leave Meg is really amazing.

Ok, one more. On our hike this morning, we were headed home when my shoelace came untied. Darby was way out in front of me, probably the length of a football field at least, when I called to her, "Wait!" That's a signal we've been giving since she was on the flexi-lead to get her to stop and wait for us to catch up. When I called out to her today, she turned to face me, stood stock still, and then sat down while I tied my laces and gave her a release.

Now this kind of obedience may be normal for those of you that have access to obedience classes, but we do not, and there was a time I wasn't sure we'd ever be able to trust Darby off-lead out here. She has access to literally thousands of acres of wilderness so this kind of obedience is essential for her safety and for our peace-of-mind.  Plus, Darby definitely has a mind of her own and in her younger months had often shown a complete disregard for our commands or even coaxing. So, this has been a stellar week for us. Thanks, Dawn, for a great dog!" -Alice Fowler

paw"This is what Taylor did on Christmas vacation. She is doing very well. She is my alarm clock to wake up at 6:59AM every morning. She wakes up in a happy mood and has to share it with someone. At night we go to bed a little earlier to have a little cuddle time before she chooses to move to her own bed.

Walking is the best part of the day. She greets her new friends with play bows and joyous leaps. She has a special friend Guinness, a handsome lab, who races around with her and shares his modified (deflated) basketball. Often she stands out back staring at his house hoping he'll come out. " -Miriam Lum

paw"It has been quite a while since we last spoke and received our beautiful Shiloh from you. As you know, when he was shipped to us his color was light tan with little or no black and I must admit that I was a little disappointed in his coloring but he was more than we expected in every other way. He is now four months+ and is gorgeous. His coat is beyond belief; it is dark black and wavy along the back and sides and he has the perfect Shepard face. Watching him grow and become an intelligent, wonderful, energetic and loving companion is far more than I expected. Since I am retired and Kathy is still working (much to my dismay) he has literally attached himself to me and must be touching me whenever he can. He leans lightly against my leg when I am stopped, places a paw on my foot when I am seated and follows me closely whenever I am moving. He loves Kathy also and responds to her commands as he does to mine. He has been so easily trained that I was quite surprised because initially personality wise he showed strong independence, stubbornness and complete indifference to whatever I would ask of him. Now all he wants to do is please me; a sharp tone in my voice and he comes to me and touches me as though he is saying “I’m sorry”. He is so loving and full of life that I forget he is a dog. He was neutered September 6th and is recovering well. Each of our veterinarians has commented after x-rays that he is going to be a very large dog and has excellent skeleton formation. They seem to emphasize how large he will be as though we really needed that information. As of today he is 37 inches long from nose to tail (rump), 27 inches tall and weighs 51 lbs. He is growing like a weed and has a voracious appetite. We are very careful what we feed him and how much. He is taken to “doggy day care” three half days a week because we wanted him to be socialized and he comes home exhausted. Panzer interacts well with other dogs but does stand his ground, so some have learned not to antagonize him. He has been through basic dog training (stay, sit, down, etc.) and learns other things very quickly. He loves to ride in our car (Volvo station wagon) so he has the back to himself. When I picked him up at Oklahoma City airport I drove back to Wichita holding him in my arm all the way and somehow I think that helped him and me to bond more quickly.

I just wanted you to know that you selected the perfect companion for us and we will provide you with pictures of him soon." -Ed and Kathy

paw"I can't tell you how glad I am that I found your website. The past few years have been very difficult ones for our family. Since we moved here in 2008, both dogs that moved with us from Oregon have passed away at ripe old ages, my husband has been working across the state for the past 3 1/2 years and last year in particular was extremely hard for my youngest son (and me as well!). Diagnosed with some medical issues among other things, as well as missing his dad very much, he was out sick a good deal of the school year. Many a morning I was in tears sending him off to school, as the doctors recommended, when I knew he didn't feel well. And he was none too happy about it either, I can tell you! Then came Gracie! Who knew what great medicine a four-legged fuzzball could be! Over the summer they became the best of buds! I loved watching them together, running and playing in the backyard. He has returned to the happy, smiling boy we had missed so much last year. And he did not miss a day all fall! At least until the traditional cold season struck L. Not only has she been such a blessing to him but to the rest of us as well. Being alone with the boys during the week, I wanted a dog that would make me feel safe and I missed that "presence" in the house that those who have had shepherds will understand. Gracie is both. She is the sweetest, most loving dog we have ever had. Our other shepherds were wonderful, but very independent. She is so eager to please us and crushed when she knows she hasn't. And smart! At 4 months old she had figured out how to open the dishwasher and by 6 months we had taught her to ring a bell to go out, not only at our house but she figured it out at our friend's house as well! Gracie is a friend who's shoulder I can cry on ~ and I have! ~ a playmate for my boys and a big, furry teddy bear that likes to cuddle with us. She has brought such joy into our home. I truly cannot express how thankful I am to you for the wonderful dog that we have in Gracie. I don't think we will ever go back to GSDs after having one of your Shilohs!" -Shannon Lotz

paw"Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know what happened today.

My son was home from school due to a cancellation because of the weather. He was in his room, door sh...ut, playing Xbox. My husband was downstairs as we are remodeling and he was trying to get a few things done.

Our furnace became over heated, started smoking and was ready to start on fire. As the house filled with smoke, Zoey went to my sons bedroom door and started barking and banging on the door until he opened it. He was able to get my husband and the furnace was shut off before tragedy could occur. They are now waiting for the furnace man to arrive for repairs.

Do not ever doubt that what you do makes a difference. I shudder to think what I may have lost today if it weren't for Zoey. Thank you for one truly amazing Shiloh." -Dawn Waddell Duricko

paw His human is smitten!...(I think my grown kids are getting a little jealous wink emoticon!!!) Just a word (or a few) about the entire process of becoming newly enamored with Shiloh Shepherds...it can all be very confusing. I grew up with dogs, raised our children on a farm with multiple dogs (mostly mutts) ...and this Shiloh is not like any dog I've ever known, the learning curve (MY learning curve) is significant! After searching for over a year for a smooth coat, talking to numerous breeders and trying to sort through the ruble of political biomass...I found Dawn Swick : ) !! What a relief to have conversations with this special lady that resonated with intelligence, sanity and a true love and committment for/to the Shiloh breed.

Her choice to breed Jory and Tucson produced this puppy of ours that learns so darn quickly it's scary, is center stage wherever he goes...not in a "showmanship" kind of way...he's just very sweetly regal!! I wish I could claim great training, but that would be a lie. What McGuinness is now...is breeding! ...done by Dawn : ) !! Her work makes me look good! I am trying to support this fantastic breeding with training that will bring out the best in my pup, McGuinness. Additionally, Dawns selection of the right pup for our family, was spot on.

I am so very thankful for the day I found you Dawn, and Belle Grace Shilohs!! You are the real McCoy and have blessed us with our McGuinness beyond measure. Thank you for all your efforts and never doubt your calling ♡ May blessings shower down on you as abundantly as your work has for this family. Robin Butterfield